Youth Advisory Board


Jordan Custodio
The reason I joined the welcome P.G youth group was to help with the community and help others feel welcome. I’ve always enjoyed helping people and being there for them no matter what. I also enjoy sports, and I do have hobbies such as horse back riding and running.
Tiana Tecson

Welcome PG Youth has given me the opportunity to be even more involved in my community. Being a part of this program I can learn about the cultural diversity that people around the world go through. I would like to educate youth and teach them to be more inclusive and to also teach them what I have learned about cultural diversity. When I'm not at school or working, you can find me with my nose in a book, painting more pictures to go up on my wall or volunteering at the SPCA. Currently I want to go to school and get bachelors in linguistics.

Jeremy Mitchell

My name is Jeremy Mitchell, I am currently in grade 12 at duchess park secondary school. I joined welcome PG youth board in order to give back to a community that gave so much to me as a child. My goal as far as being apart of the welcome of team is to provide fun, safe and educational events for kids and adults of all ages.

Kate Preston

Being a part of Welcome PG Youth has given me the opportunity to experience other cultures first-hand and to become more involved with all aspects of my community. I believe that this program will allow myself and other youth in Prince George to reach out to others and to create an environment that supports cultural awareness and diversity. I am currently a grade eleven student at Duchess Park Secondary in the French immersion program, and in my free time I enjoy running, skiing, the arts, and spending time with friends.


Sava Youngman

I joined Welcome PG Youth to be able to have a way to give back to the community through various events and activities that reflect the cultural diversity within Prince George. My goal is to help some of the youth in Prince George have a chance to have fun and meet new people through various events. Also I want to encourage other members of the community to come and participate with some of the youth to build a stronger sense of community. My past times are spent training in the pool with the PG Barracudas, and reading. My ultimate career aspiration is to pursue a career in nursing, to help people when they need help most.


Bryden Stephen


Hello there, my name is Bryden, I am a senior student at Duchess Park Secondary School. I am 17 going on 18 and I am an active member of the Welcome PG Youth Advisory Committee. I joined Welcome PG, first of all, because it looks great on any resume or job application. Above that, I take great pleasure in helping out our community. If I am not volunteering at some sort of event, you can often find me at the YMCA gym, on the mountains snowboarding, or on the golf course!

I am a big fan of making new comrades and helping others do the same. So, next time you see me at an event or during some leisurely activity, please feel free to say hi!

Fei Ge

I joined the Welcome PG youth group because I thought it was an excellent way to be involved in making a lasting and positive impact in the community. I’m proud to be part of a group that works hard to make our community more welcome for everyone. In my spare time I like to volunteer, make and write music, and play soccer.

Yala Safaei

Being a part of Welcome PG has both enabled me to interact with other youth about our community and express changes that I believe could help build towards a more united and culturally diverse city. Together we aspire to plan and organize numerous social events that both integrate the multiculturalism Prince George has to offer and create the sense of belonging and together

ness that makes a true community! I personally enjoy hobbies such as playing the violin, soccer, swimming and attending social community events with friends, such as the ones we plan! In the future, I might hope to pursue my education in the medical field, but am still open to changes!


Leena Panaich

Welcome PG Youth has presented me the opportunity to support, give back and become involved in my community. My biggest goal is to reach out and enlighten youth in order to make our community more inclusive and to heighten the awareness of cultural diversity. In my spare time I enjoy playing soccer, cooking and reading. My ultimate career aspiration is to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry.


Radu Pasca


Hi, my name is Radu Pasca, I am the secretary of the Welcome PG Youth Program. My main reason for joining this group was to give back to the community and to help youth all around Prince George to feel welcome and integrated into the community! During my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends and finding fun things to do around the city. I also like to watch and play all sorts of sports and to help around with whatever I can around the community.

Angus Godfrey


Hi, I'm Angus Godfrey. I'm in grade 12 at Duchess Park Secondary. I joined Welcome PG because I enjoy being apart of fun events and being apart of this great team of people is a blast.


Alexis Schlick


Dara Campbell

My name is Dara Campbell and I co-lead the Airport Days Project as part of IMSS's Welcome PG Youth Program. By being a member of this innovative group, I hope to contribute towards making Prince George a welcoming and friendly community for prospective newcomers and locals alike. Within the community, I enjoy exploring the wilderness that is our backyard, attending live shows by local artists and actors, and spending time out and about with friends


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