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Frequently Asked Questions about Welcome PG

1. What is Welcome PG (Welcome Prince George)?

Welcome PG is a strategic collaboration of community stakeholders, businesses, non-profit organizations and service providers based on a mutual passion and belief in removing barriers to social inclusion.

Welcome PG is created to enhance Prince George's diversity and economic prosperity by strengthening its capacity to attract, recruit and retain internationally trained new Canadians who have chosen Canada as their home.


2. What is Welcoming and Inclusive Communities and Workplaces Project (WICWP)?

Launched in 2008, the Welcoming and Inclusive Communities and Workplaces Program is a three-year initiative intended to be a vehicle to lead and influence systemic change, and is not intended to provide direct services to clients. More specifically, the program objective is to fund initiatives that will foster welcoming communities around BC. The goal is to build communities where immigrants can realize their full potential, racism is eliminated and cultural diversity is valued and celebrated.

The WICWP program helps communities in achieving these goals by engaging diverse sectors and groups. The majority of the funding for WICWP is provided by the federal government.


3. What is the connection between Welcome PG and WICWP?

Welcome PG is funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia under the Welcoming and Inclusive Communities and Workplaces Project (WICWP). WICWP is innovative in that it serves as a bridge between diverse sectors and provides an opportunity for collaboration and broader sector engagement in fostering welcoming and inclusive communities.

Welcome PG is built on WICWP's goal to support inclusive, welcoming and vibrant communities in BC.


4. Why does Prince George need such an initiative?

  • Prince George has lower attraction and retention rates of skilled immigrant workers compared to other cities in BC with similar population.
  • Skilled labour shortage in certain industries have led to recruitment difficulties and slow growth rates for a number of Prince George businesses.
  • There will be an increase in demand for skilled labour as the aging workforce approaches retirement.
  • Action based strategies are required to address the needs and concerns of the business owners/employers and immigrant workers in order to improve our community's capacity for economic growth.


5. How will this initiative benefit New Canadians and Employers?

  • Successful integration of New Canadians is the key to a more diversified and culturally competent workforce which subsequently leads to economic development of the community.
  • This initiative will help employers, service providers and other stakeholder groups engage and share innovative tools and resources to promote cultural competence and diversity in their workplaces
  • Multilingual employees with knowledge of different cultural preferences in many other countries can help open new trade channels for employees
  • New Canadians are well equipped to serve a domestic market that encompasses increasingly diverse and multilingual populations.


6. How can I contribute to this initiative?

WelcomePG welcomes those interested in contributing towards creating a community where employers recognize and utilize the skills and experience of New Canadians bring to Prince George. Our community will benefit economically, socially and culturally from your contribution.



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