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Overview of Welcome PG

Welcome PG is a strategic collaboration of community stakeholders, businesses, non-profit organizations and service providers based on a mutual passion and belief in removing barriers to social inclusion for new immigrants. This collaboration was organized to enhance Prince George’s social and economic prosperity by strengthening its capacity to attract, recruit and retain internationally trained new immigrants who have chosen Canada, specifically Prince George, as their home.

Despite recent economic uncertainties, the labour market in BC continues to face demographic, and economic, challenges due to an aging workforce and a competitive job market which means there is an increasing need for internationally trained individuals to fulfill market and social demands. 

On the other hand, the challenges faced by the internationally trained individuals immigrating to Canada are often times overwhelming. Despite impressive credentials, new immigrants face higher rates of unemployment as well as under-employment.

Welcome PG provides a forum where employers, service providers and other stakeholder groups engage and share innovative tools and resources to promote cultural competence and diversity in their workplaces and tap into new Canadians’ talent. It is our belief that an effective strategy to address the economic downturn and the projected skill shortages is to ease the integration of New Canadians into our community.

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Welcome PG Structure

Welcome PG is currently under the Welcoming Communities Program (2012 to 2014)

Welcoming Communities Program 

The Welcoming Communities Program is a 15 months initiative funded by the Immigrant Integration Branch of the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and the Minister Responsible for Labour that is based on lessons learned from the Welcoming and Inclusive Communities and Workplaces Program (WelcomePG). 

The program supports local initiatives that have the role to increase the capacity of Prince George community to support the integration of New Immigrants by:

  1. improving access to community services;
  2. supporting the development of intercultural relationships and mutual trust;
  3. supporting welcoming and inclusive workplaces; and
  4. creating welcoming and inclusive spaces in the community.

New Immigrants’ perceptions of welcoming communities are influenced by several factors, including their perception that they have access to the same public services as everyone else in the community, their success in forming intercultural relationships, and their perceptions of discrimination and employment opportunities.  A key principle of Welcoming Communities Project is that the direct involvement of multiple partners at the community level, responding to the unique strengths and challenges of their community, is critical in creating a welcoming environment for Newcomers. 

Integration is a two-way process, which involves commitment on the part of Immigrants and Refugees to adapt to life in Canada and on the part of Canadians to welcome and adapt to new people and cultures.”

  (Canada-British Columbia Immigration Agreement)

Primary Community partners of the Welcoming Communities are:

Prince George Chamber of Commerce

Initiatives Prince George

City of Prince George

Prince George Community Policing

Northern Health Authority

Prince George Native Friendship Centre

The Prince George Citizen

College of New Caledonia

Welcome Wagon

Diverse Ethnic Associations: 

Chinese Benevolent Association, Guru Gobind Sikh Association

A note from Mrs. Baljit Sethi, Executive Director of IMSS :

“real integration for any immigrant requires two way commitment between the new immigrant and the host community. Integration is not easy, it takes time, patience and a lot of hard work. The goal for any immigrant family is to be valued as meaningful contributors to the Canadian way of life which means working, paying taxes and making a difference in their community just like you or me.”

IMSS coordinates the Welcoming Communities program in Prince George and Williams Lake!

Welcome PG Objectives

  • Facilitating information exchange among employers on the benefits of fostering more welcoming and inclusive workplaces;
  • Raising public awareness of the contribution new immigrants make to economic growth and the long-term prosperity of the community;
  • Increasing awareness of social and cultural benefits of immigration and multiculturalism;
  • Informing employers and the public about new immigrants' education, skills and workplace values;
  • Assisting employers with best practice employment strategies that will lead to culturally competent and community reflective workplaces; and
  • Assisting new immigrants to integrate, with greater ease, into the Canadian way of life through IMSS settlement services.

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Welcome PG Staff



Romana Pasca - Employment _ Skills Connect Counsellor

 250 562 2900




Welcome PG is funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia under the Welcoming Communities Program.

The Immigrant _ Multicultural Services Society (IMSS) is the contract holder for the Welcome PG project.  IMSS is responsible for the administration of the funds, contract deliverables and mandatory reporting. 


Welcoming _ Inclusive Communities _ Workplaces Program

Launched in 2008, the Welcoming and Inclusive Communities and Workplaces Program (WICWP) was a three-year initiative intended as a vehicle to lead and influence systemic change that supports inclusive and vibrant communities. The primary goal of WICWP is to foster communities where new immigrants can realize their full potential, racism is eliminated, and cultural diversity is valued and celebrated. 

WICWP is an innovative program in bridging the gap between diverse sectors by providing opportunities for collaboration within, and beyond, a broader sector. As such, this program is about capacity building, developing broad, long-term partnerships across sectors and stakeholder groups, and serving as a catalyst for systemic change that will improve our communities' social, cultural, and economic growth.

For 2011/12 Welcome PG has been active in the 'legacy phase' of funding where Welcome PG's momentum has continued in the public arena with a new artwork 'celebrating diversity' permanently installed at the Prince George Airport, a printed media campaign of 8 success stories were published and resources were developed, and presented, for local employers and new immigrants.

To learn more about WICWP from Welcome BC at the Ministry of Jobs Tourism _ Skills Training ... click here.



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