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People move to Canada for many reasons but primarily to work toward a better life for themselves and their children. From January 2012 to April 2012 Welcome PG and the Prince George Citizen published success stories as told by new Canadian immigrants who chose Prince George as their new home.  If you have a story to tell contact us!












Tarun Bibra

Originally from India

Bypassing all the big-city living Canada has to offer, Tarun Bibra headed directly to Prince George where the living is easy.  

After being raised among the sky scrapers in cities like New Delhi, Tarun wanted a place where human developments and care for Mother Nature go hand-in-hand.   "I wanted a change and that's why I chose Prince George as my destination," said Tarun. "I find Prince George a nice and peaceful city where everyone is friendly and caring."

Tarun graduated as a civil engineer in India but the degree did not translate to Canadian standards. As Tarun takes courses related to his work in the construction field, he gets closer to his engineering status in Canada.

"I know everything takes times but if you really desire to achieve something, you will surely achieve it in the end," said Tarun.

Once he arrived in Prince George, Tarun went to the Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society and received advice on how to achieve his goals and started volunteering at IMSS, which led to employment as a part-time computer instructor. As he kept applying for jobs and completed courses in his field Tarun got closer still to his current job as a material technician at Allnorth Consultants Limited.

 “I am so happy to be employed at Allnorth, it’s a great place to work,” Tarun said.











Tasha Moodley

Originally from South Africa

For Tasha Moodley, a graduate from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, it's all about helping people realize their full potential. An honours degree in industrial psychology and a bachelor's in corporate communications has sent Tasha into the world armed with the tools to assist others to realize their gifts and talents so they can then make a positive change in the world.  "What I find most inspiring about my career is developing human potential into tangible skills," Tasha explained.

In 2006 Tasha and her husband, Dr. Devan Reddy, made the bold decision to immigrate to Canada when he was offered the opportunity to practice medicine as a Family Physician in Prince George.  "The pain and separation from the lives we knew was tempered by the warmth and generosity of the people of Prince George," Tasha said of the May 2007 move.

After joining People Dynamics Inc. as an Organizational Development, Human Resources Consultant, Tasha realized she needed to take another step in order to be more instrumental in setting human potential into motion.  With professional Co-Active Professional Coach certification and Associate Certified Coach designation in hand, Tasha opened her own business and life coaching company Tasha Moodley, Inspiring Personal and Business Excellence.  "I believe the realization of one's capacity forms the core of one's success in all spheres of life.  I help people reconnect with their true authentic selves and empower them to build on their innate hidden strengths." Tasha said. 












Terry Murphy

Originally from Ireland

Terry Murphy first came to Canada from Dublin, Ireland in 1986 as a volunteer bus driver for the Catholic school system in Prince George.

After a year in a long-distance relationship, Terry married a Canadian girl in 1991.  He said he's quite surprised how life's path led him here as he never intended to leave Ireland at all.  But love had other ideas.

When he first made the decision to come to Canada, Terry thought his transition would be easy.  Prince George's forest industry was booming and he thought he'd easily find work.  After struggling here, he and his wife thought finding work in a bigger centre might be easier, but after five years they returned from the lower mainland back to the strong sense of community they felt in Prince George.

Now, an 18-year resident of P.G., Terry works at Tourism Prince George as a visitors information counselor, expounding the virtues of the city to newcomers, passing through or choosing to stay.  Terry said it was great spending ten years working at Ave Marie Gifts and Health Food and would like to thank Dave Fuller and the staff for the opportunity.  It allowed him to get a great start in the work force and connect with the wider community of Prince George.

When he decided to go back to school he went to Sprott Shaw College to upgrade his skills with some computer courses as well as sales and marketing, preparing himself for the challenge he now takes on at Tourism P.G.  "I really enjoy my job, especially telling visitors from all over the world about the many attractions of Prince George, like the museums, entertainment, shopping, the great outdoors, sports, and the four weather seasons." said Terry.  "I like to say my transition took about 10 years and I can now reflect on my time in Prince George and that really helps me do my job."  












Lisa Zhang

Originally from China

People move to Canada for many reasons but primarily to work toward a better life for themselves and their children. Welcome PG and the Prince George Citizen present success stories as told by new Canadian immigrants who have chosen Prince George as their new home.

For a senior bookkeeper at Reid's Prescription it was an 11 year wait when she made the move to Prince George and she's never looked back.  In 1999 Lisa Zhang moved to Vancouver from China, where learning the language and finding a new career was the biggest challenge.

When her husband, James Ye, moved to Prince George to further his optician/contact lens fitter career Lisa stayed on in Vancouver. With some encouragement from James, Lisa finally made the big move to Prince George in 2010, giving up the comfortable life she enjoyed in the big city.

"The properties and houses were so beautiful here in Prince George and they were about a third of the price of those in Vancouver," Lisa explained. "It only took four days to find our home."

Lisa and James have a son, Henry, who now studies biology at the University of B.C.   Lisa immersed herself in the Prince George community by volunteering at IMSS, helping new immigrants in the English as a Second Language class teaching English as a second language, joining the Women's Tea, Women's Walking Club and Women's Reading Club, which are all offered at IMSS.

"I have made many friends here," said Lisa, who is also an avid skier. "I love Prince George so much. I have a great job and I am proud I am a tax payer that supports this community. Prince George has a more relaxed environment and the people are so friendly. I would like to thank IMSS for their supportive programs that helped me quickly become involved in the community."












Jonas Bambi

Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo

There's a new baby on the horizon for Jonas and Maggie Bambi so things will soon change.  For right now, Jonas will continue working full time at the Northern Health Authority as a Senior Systems Analyst and working part time as an instructor at the University of Northern British Columbia.

"It's not every day that your full-time employer allows you to take on a part-time job," said Jonas, who was raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  "I am so fortunate to work for the Northern Health Authority."

Jonas came to Prince George from Minnesota to continue his education by pursuing a MSc in computer science.  He then did his MBA at UNBC, all the while working at Northern Health.  "The MBA program at the university is very practical," explained Jonas.  "You don't have to quit your job to further your education."

Not only is Jonas grateful for his employment and education opportunities here in Prince George but he said the community welcomed him as soon as he arrived in 2006.  "I didn't know anyone when I came here and the community welcomed me with open arms.  In just a short time, people who were strangers became my friends."

As is tradition in Jonas' culture to introduce a new baby to the extended family, Maggie and Jonas will travel to Africa for a visit after the baby is born.  Jonas knows with a new addition to the family comes more responsibility and he and Maggie are prepared.  "It's a very exciting time for us," said Jonas, about their new bundle of joy. "We'll still be busy but it'll be a different kind of work."












Romana Pasca

Originally from Romania

Being a recent immigrant herself, Romana Pasca, an employment counselor with the Prince George Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society, wants to help make that transition into Canada easier for those who are now on the same adventure.

As an immigrant, one's main goal is to integrate into the community as smoothly as possible. The stress of changing cultures, languages, systems, as well as proving yourself as a contributing member of the community can be daunting. The immigrant and Multicultural Services Society (IMSS) in Prince George played a very important role in supporting Romana's transition.  In Romania, Romana was a school administrator and high school teacher and in her new position as an employment counselor with IMSS, she wants to ease the path for others.

"It is a very complicated and challenging process to come into a new country and I found that without help and without knowing what the future will bring it's very hard," said Romana.  "When it is harder than newcomers imagined it would be, it becomes a little bit frustrating."

"I'm always telling people that in a short time they will be doing so well - beyond their dreams and better than they can imagine," said Romana.  "And that gives me such a feeling of accomplishment when I can help them.  It's very nice when you see people a few years later and they're on their path and happy and fulfilled.  Canada is a wonderful country and there is a lot of opportunity here and when people have a good attitude, it makes a big difference."



Shyvi Jacob

Originally from India

A full time job as a registered nurse at the University Hospital of Northern B.C. and studying as a part-time student at the University for her masters in nursing keeps Shyvi Jacob very busy.  Shyvi currently works with kidney failure patients in the hemodialysis department of the hospital.

She moved to Canada from India in 2007 with her husband Aji Jacob, who is a senior chemical engineer. They settled in Prince George in 2008.

Shyvi got her basic nurse's training in India and New Zealand and then went on to write and pass the Canadian registered nurse exam in 2008. "I'm doing my masters in nursing because I want to learn more about the Canadian nursing system.  Moreover, higher study is very important in this fast paced advanced nursing profession."  She also believes that getting her masters will open more doors to jobs in research, management and education.

Shyvi loves Canada for the opportunity it provides.  "If you're willing to work hard, you will be successful here." Shyvi goes on to say "I am so happy that we made the decision to come to can ad a because this is a very peaceful, beautiful country and the people that I deal with have given me and my profession respect and dignity."



Jane Wei Liang

Originally from South East China

It's all about the children for Jane Wei Liang, who came to this country in 2005 from South East China.  Her family moved to Prince George in 2009.  As many people know, China has a one-child policy and Liang really wanted more children.  In fact, she thought about having between five and eight children but said she's happy to have settled on lucky number three.

"The children make our every effort and all the hard times worthwhile," said Liang, who arrived in Canada with a masters in economics.  "I want my kids to have opportunities of a good education, which is more practical, more skills related with a creative orientation rather than simply an academic focus only." James is 15, Eric is 5, and Abigail is 3.

"I know that Canadians are encouraged to have their own opinions - especially in school - we wanted that for our children, to have more opportunities in their lives, makes decisions for themselves, be brace and take responsibility for themselves," said Liang, who herself went to UBC to earn an MBA.  She is now a marketing instructor at the College of New Caledonia.

Liang said she found there was less pressure in lifestyle in Prince George, more job opportunities and it's so nice they can afford a comfortable home. "The best part is my kids will be pure Canadian, frank, positive, and friendly with humour.  I have no doubt in that and I am so very proud."



Sen (Jefferson) Li

Originally from Mainland China

Prince George, where my dream comes true.

Have you ever been to a strange environment where everything is completely different than where you came from? Have you ever worried: will I fit into a new and culturally different environment? Have you dreamed of being somewhere new and different? I had all these concerns when I first started my life in Prince George back to 2003.

When I woke up this morning on October 7th, 2010 and began get ready for work, I suddenly realized that time goes by really fast. Lots of memories kept playing in my head; I had started my life in Prince George as an International student at the College of New Caledonia. My career and education goal was to be successful in Business Management or Human Resources. During the time I studied in Prince George, I did not waste a single minute, because what I wanted most was for my dream to come true. I was not only a full time student at the college, but also kept busy working part time and volunteering on campus and in the community after my classes. My English improved really quickly and I started to pick up more of the cultural differences, and at the same time, the multicultural diversity of what it was to be Canadian.

I have been fortunate to make many friends while at the college in Prince George, both international and domestic. This has created a unique experience for me and I still keep learning about different cultures.

I graduated in 2008 with my Business Management diploma. I was so happy that I had achieved the first half of my goal. In 2009, I got hired as a full time employee with a permanent contract as the International Student Service Assistant in the International Education Centre at the College of New Caledonia. I started to pay it forward, passing all my experience and knowledge gained through my transition in coming to Canada on to the new International students who brought with them, the same expectations and dreams as I also had in 2003 when my dream had only begun.

Now, I am 26 years old and I am in the process of becoming a permanent resident. I love Prince George because we have a friendly and diverse community. Prince George is like a big family and the community really cares and is willing to help welcome our new immigrants. I am proud to be part of this community and happy to share my experiences with them.



Dr. Albert Koehler

Originally from West Germany

My wife and I immigrated to Canada on March 10th, 1985. It was a dream we wanted to fulfill after having extensively travelled through BC and Alberta in 1978 on our Honeymoon vacation.

We came with two children, 2 and 5 years old and a total of CAN $10,000 which was not much, considering that we did not know anybody and had no employment when sitting the day after our arrival at Vancouver's English Bay beach. We looked at each other and said: what now? We were both well educated and while my wife looked after the children I found a job as a mechanic in Richmond, BC. We could pay the rent and get used to the new society we had chosen to live in.

One year later I started my own engineering company and in 1997 opened a branch office in Prince George, while also relocating our family to Prince George. I would not want to change this community with anything else any more. The many unlimited opportunities here in the North and the welcoming character of the society make it a place that is second to none.

Prince George allowed me to excel, become the President of the Chamber of Commerce and to serve as a board member with various organizations in the community. Having seen many parts of this globe, I cannot imagine spending the rest of my life anywhere else.




Giulliana Tamblyn

Originally from Peru

I am sharing my experience as a professional immigrant from Peru, hoping to help others make a smart and smooth transition to Canadian culture.

An economist in Peru, I started to look for administrative or clerical jobs after first studying English for a year. I was unsuccessful. Some immigrant organizations advised me that I was probably overqualified and suggested I remove the university degree from my resume. But I still could not find a job.

Discouraged, I decided to try more school. I took a Business Accounting program at community college, which I completed in 1½ years as I got some credit for my foreign degree. As I was wrapping up my diploma, motherhood intervened! After a year off, I got the first job I applied for - Junior Accounting Clerk. I think the key to employability here is to study at a Canadian post-secondary institution. Companies clearly prefer Canadian studies and work experience.

I currently am mother of two beautiful boys, Andrew (6) and Josh (4). I work part-time as an International Liaison for a local mining services company, and own my home-based business, offering international management, bookkeeping and translation services.

I love spending time with my family, but volunteering in my community is my passion. A founder and Past-President of the Latino-Canadian Association of Northern BC, I am now on the Board of IMSS and volunteer with the Hart Community Association.

I wish you all success in beautiful Prince George, BC, Canada!



Ajit Dayanandan

Originally from India

Ajit is an Associate Professor of Economics at Prince George's University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) and holds a BA, MA and MPhil from the University of Kerala, India. He was awarded a PhD in Economics from the University of Sydney in Australia.

Before joining UNBC he had lectured in Economics at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC. Prior to these assignments he worked as a Director in the Research Department of the Reserve Bank of India covering areas of monetary policy, debt management, reserve management and more.

Ajit presently teaches and researches in the Economics, Business and International Studies program at UNBC. He attributes his success in Canada to luck, good credentials and hard work.


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