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Steps to Prepare for Your Move to Prince George

  1. Take advantage of your waiting period by doing things that will make it easier for you to get established once you arrive in Prince George, BC. This website (Centre for Canadian Language) has access to many resources that can help you prepare.

  2. Familiarize yourself with values, laws, your responsibilities and the rights you have as a new landed skilled new Canadian in the City of Prince George.

  3. Take English classes to improve your language. Some resources are noted here.

  4. Find out where you can stay upon arrival.

  5. If you're arriving in winter make sure you have warm clothing. It can reach -30°C in January and February.

  6. Seek free services and help from settlements agencies such as the Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society in Prince George. They exist to help you out and your family members!

  7. Plan your job search.

  8. If your intended occupation is a regulated trade or profession contact the regulatory body to find out what you will have to do to get licensed or certified in the Province of British Columbia by looking here.

  9. This Working Tool in Canada allows you to search by occupation and location to see job openings in that area, the average wage, and the requirements for working in that area.

  10. Go online to research or make connections with professional, social, recreational, cultural groups.

  11. The first three months in Canada you cannot get health insurance, so insure yourself in your own country before coming. NOTE: If you are coming here on a work permit your employer have to work out the health insurance for you, talk to your employer about this.

  12. Gather documents – letters of reference from employers, professional certificates, school records; if needed, have them translated into English.

  13. Get to know the programs and services available in Prince George for newcomers; make a "settlement strategy."

To prepare yourself before you arrive in Prince George, please ensure you are familiar with our 'Prince George City Overview' section.

When you arrive in Prince George, come to the Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society where you will be provided with an orientation to the City of Prince George and information about English classes, job training and other programs and services for New Canadians.



Improve Your English - English as a Second Language (ESL)

ESL courses, programs and services are available in Prince George, BC.


Immingrant and Multicultural Services Society (IMSS)

The Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society provides FREE basic and from beginner to intermediate level 6/7 English language training to adults on a full time or part time basis. Childcare during classes is also provided at no charge.

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School District No. 57

School District No. 57's International Education Program has a short-term ESL (English as a Second Language) component for children age 13 – 17.

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University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC)

UNBC provides 12 week extensive English language programs to adults at levels from 'upper beginner' to 'university bridge', or shorter programs customized to specific needs.

English Language Studies (ELS): Beginner to advanced levels. 300-400 hours per level. Three 12-week semesters per year. 6-week summer program. Full-time.

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College of New Caledonia (CNC)

CNC offers a wide variety of courses at all skill levels, focusing on grammar, listening _ speaking, reading and writing.

General English, Academic Prep, English for Academic Purposes, TOEFL Preparation. Beginner to advanced levels (CLB 1-9). Continuous intake. Full-time and part-time.

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(Source: Directory of ESL courses _ employment programs for immigrants in British Columbia 2006 - Produced by ELSA Net with financial assistance from Settlement _ Multiculturalism Division, Ministry of the Attorney General)


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