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Prince George, BC has become home to many Skilled New Canadians. Their inclusion and retention are essential for the growth of the City of Prince George's economy. Some are starting their own businesses; others are job searching, potentially bringing motivation and a world of experience to your organization.

Landed Skilled New Canadians, also called Permanent Residents, are entitled to work in Canada with no additional authorizations. They only need the regular orientation your company would provide to any other employee. Skilled New Canadians have proven that they have the potential to lead their organizations towards success.

WelcomePG Employer and New Immigrant Resources are available!

Welcome PG is honoured to share with you two resources, "Hiring Skilled New Immigrants: Tools for Employers,” and “Welcome to Prince George: An Introduction to Work and Life for New Immigrants.”  These resources are meant to help integrate new Canadians successfully into our community by building mutual understanding, and in turn help Prince George continue to grow throughout the labour shortage.  Both of these resources are a starting point of information and we encourage both new immigrants and employers to spend more time looking at similar resources to help ensure that two-way integration is achieved. 


We have paired the employer resource we have created with "Know: Orientation, Retention and Promotion
A Guide for Building Welcoming and Inclusive Workplaces for New Immigrant Workers."  This resource was created by a Welcoming and Inclusive Project in Surrey, DiverseCity, and includes specific information on how to successfully retain and integrate a new immigrant hire into the workplace. A printable version of this document is available below, and also on their website.


Immigration and Visa's for Employers

We know how complicated it can be when hiring a foreign workers which is why we have also put together a document for employers on visa and immigration information.  We took the time to go through the Citizenship and Immigration website and compile a document on all of the different ways that an employer can hire a foreign worker. This document goes through each of these different immigration routes, explaining the process and the eligibility required by both the employer and employee.  What this does is allows an employer to read through the document and gain a better understanding of all of their options and what route they and their hire qualify for.  This document can be found here.


Community Resources...


Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society

The Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society (IMSS) remains the sole settlement agency in BC's northern region. The agency has been providing settlement and adaptation services to immigrants and refugees since 1976 in order to provide and promote a welcoming and inclusive community for all. With the combined experience and expertise, IMSS meets the settlement and adaptation needs of newcomers in the north through various programs and services including English Language Services for Adults, Employment Assistance Services, Settlement Assistance, Community Bridging Services, and multicultural programs for youth, women, and seniors. IMSS promotes multiculturalism and racial harmony in the pursuit of social justice for all Canadians.

click here Visit website

Employment Services with WorkBC

WorkBC Employment Services Centres are located across the province and offer client-centred, integrated services and supports that are responsive, inclusive and accessible. The purpose of the centres is to support British Columbians in getting —and keeping – a job as quickly as possible. Click here to go to Prince George's WorkBC website.  WorkBC Prince George is located at 1511 - 3rd Avenue, on the corner of Victoria _ 3rd phone 250 596 2517.

Skills Connect for New Immigrants

Skills Connect for New Immigrants  is provided by IMSS, in partnership with ASPECT.  Skills Connect is now open to clients who may not have high school level education or work experience as well as those with higher levels of education and experience. Whether you have skills or experience or need to acquire skills before seeking employment, we look forward to helping you.  Click here for more information on how IMSS and Skills Connect can help you.


Other Resources...


Hiring and Retaining Skilled Immigrants – A Cultural Competence Toolkit (PDF file)

Canada's Changing Labour Force, 2006 Census: Overview of Canada's changing labour force (link)

Workshop: Why Hire Skilled Immigrants? (PDF file)

Recruiting - Finding Talent (link)

Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Toolkit [AUMA] (PDF file)

Immigrant Employment Council of BC 'Assessing Talent' (link)


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Questions from Employers

Who is the 'Skilled New Immigrant'?

A Skilled New Immigrant is a new immigrant with a permanent resident visa or a natrualized Canadian citizen with foreign educational background and work experience.  A new immigrant is someone who immigrated to Canada with 10 years.


How can I find skilled immigrants who are already here as permanent residents?

There are a variety of ways of reaching potential employees from the pool of skilled new Canadian already living in Prince George, BC.

  • Expand your methods of recruitment. Post your job openings with organizations that work with immigrants or have a multicultural and diversity-friendly focus.
  • Examine your hiring processes carefully to make sure that you are not inadvertantly screening out candidates with international education and experience.
  • Contact an Employment counsellor from the Prince George WorkBC program who will have a database of Skilled New Immigrants and can refer qualified these cadidates to your workplace. Also contact IMSS for a referral to WorkBC.


Our company doesn't currently have any job openings. Are there other ways that we could become involved with newcomers who are trying to enter the labour market here in Prince George, BC?

The WICWP program has identified that by working with employers to promote and create more welcoming and inclusive workplaces, a key service gap could be effectively addressed. WICWP's focus is on identifying strategies to help employers be "recruitment ready" by engaging in the development of more welcoming and inclusive workplaces where immigrants can reach their full potential. This focus also supports the retention of immigrant employees.

The emphasis is on creating broad community awareness which will then enable the targeted education of employers and community members to be more welcoming and inclusive. Employers can be a part of the process by signing up for Welcome PG's newsletter for information on upcoming Welcome PG presentations and workshops.


Do you have any advice for employers who want to increase the diversity of their workplaces?

Here are some additional ideas for developing a stronger and more diverse workplace. The professional staff of Welcome PG would be pleased to talk to you about your particular needs and challenges.

  • Don't automatically screen out resumes if the education and experience is from outside Canada. If you are concerned about education from outside Canada, request that the applicant get a Canadian equivalency statement from a recognized international credentials assessment service. The Canadian Information Centre on International Credentials provides a list of such services which can validate documents and provide assessments which meet a high standard.
  • Screen newcomer job seekers into the competition. Give them the opportunity to be interviewed for the job!
  • If you are concerned about communication skills, contact IMSS for information about the English in the Workplace Program. Through this program, we can provide an English as a Second Language teacher who will be able to help in the language training.
  • Talk to other employers who have hired Skilled New Canadians into their workforces. Please refer to the list ofEmployers of Choice in Prince George, or speak to any of our staff for more direction. You may be surprised at how positive they are about the experience.
  • Open up your business to new possibilities and hire a candidate with international experience. In addition to bringing knowledge of business culture and languages from other parts of the world – they will contribute other "value adds".


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